fot. Alexandra Kononchenko

Marta Guisado

Graduate of Music Academy in Lodz (classical guitar class). She has been dealing with flamenco since 2002. She gained her first experience in „Los nińos flamencos”, founded by Jakub Niedoborek, that consisted of his students. Next she cooperated with many latin music bands (Curacas, Aires de los Andes) and flamenco bands (Latcho Drom, Unformal Flamenco Company) and accompanied in Anna Redlin’s „Studio Flamenco” in Lodz. Now she accompanies in the oldest Polish flamenco dance school – „Studio Flamenco” in Warsaw, and also in Małgorzata Matuszeska’s „Studio Tańców Orientalnych i Flamenco” („Oriental and Flamenco Dance Studio”). She cooperates with „Teatr Tańca Nie Tylko Flamenco” („Not Only Flamenco Dance Theatre”) – she is a co-creator of Carmen Concierto spectacle. Marta had an opportunity top accompany many Spanish singers and dancers, both in Poland and during fraquent visits to Seville, where she raises her skills.